Technical Support

District Wifi

WiFi name Guest

Password merrygoround

Bessemer City Schools Technology Help Desk: 8am-4pm (205)432-3098

For help with devices or network access.

Example: Trouble logging in to device, device not charging, not able to access apps or Internet.

Acellus Technical Support: (877) 411-1138

For help with problems while using Acellus.

Example: Acellus videos are buffering, problems are yielding incorrect answers, unable to input or select an answer, Acellus site is down/not accessible.

Imagine Learning Technical Support: (866)457-8776

For help while using the Imagine learning program.

Example: Imagine Learning videos buffering, unable to enter answers, site is down or not accessible.

Google Classroom: Please contact your child's teacher for Google Classroom help.

Bessemer City Schools Technical Support Numbers